About Us

Starting in the late 1980s, supermarket business in Singapore was a flourishing industry. Over the years it attracted a mix of newcomers including overseas players. This phenomenon coincided with the evolution in consumer buying behaviour, which depended largely on the morning-only wet markets, contributing to the advent of all-day supermarkets. Today, in consequence, consumers have a wider spectrum of choices of imported premium quality items made available to them at more compelling prices as compared to proprietary provision shops and wet markets.

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Prime Singapore was among the earliest to enter into the supermarket business, undertaking mini-mart operations from 1984 to 1988, before going on to medium-sized ones. Full-fledged Prime Supermarkets occupying 10,000 sq. ft. (929 sq. m.) and above came into existence in 1991, lending strength to what it is today - a conspicuous supermarket chain with 19 outlets.

Notwithstanding the supermarket business being no longer a growth industry, it remains irrefutably an essential form of business to consumers as well as the retailing organisation. In light of the competitive nature of this industry, Prime Singapore runs two supportive trading arms to boost its position: one imports and supplies perishables such as vegetables and seafood, while the other focuses on consumer lifestyle merchandise from Southeast Asia and China.

Plans are afoot to further revitalise Prime Singapore‘s supermarket business. In 2005, it began taking steps to be more attuned to shifts and changes in consumer lifestyles and expectations. When Prime Singapore extended its supermarket operations to 24 hours, it elevated ad redefined the concept of convenient supermarket shopping; it was among the first to provide this level of service to heartland consumers. Came 2007 when Prime Singapore started to give more than a handful of its outlets a revamp of varying magnitude in a bid to provide a more comfortable ad friendly shopping environment.

Opportunely, working closely with Singapore's Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING), Prime Singapore also embarked on a journey to equip its employees with better customer service skills under the Customer-Centric Initiative program.

Hereafter, Prime Singapore will be actively fueling the development and promotion of its house brand, Prime Choice, a total company training programme for front-line management staff and launching its next phase of upgrading and renovations.

Our Vision

Your Neighbourhood Supermarket

Our Mission

To provide fresh products at reasonable prices with friendly service so as to achieve “Everything Fresh, Everyday Prime!"

Our Core Values

Creativity, Innovation and Excellence

Our Service Commitment

Prime Tips for Prime Health

Evening primrose, sessile joyweed, mugwort leaf and wild peanut roots form just a sampling of the wide range of vegetables that Prime carries. More commonly seen in traditional wet markets and better known to the older generation, these vegetables are a rare sight in supermarkets, except at Prime.

In order to create greater awareness in more customers, we have added informative posters citing a sample recipe coupled with the health benefits of these vegetables in the hope of giving our customers a more varied diet so customers can be in prime health.

24-hour Operations

24-hour operations at some Prime outlets allow us to adapt to customers’ changing lifestyles in different parts of Singapore. Also, opening hours of some outlets are brought forward to better suit and convene the marketing routine of mothers so customers can send the young ones to school and do their daily marketing all in one trip instead of two.

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